Seller General Term and Conditions

We (the Publisher) hereby agree to appoint PERBADANAN KOTA BUKU (Kota Buku) as the sales representative of our published books (Products). Kota Buku hereby reserves the right to list the Publisher's products on the marketplace platform owned by Perbadanan Kota Buku. The Publisher hereby agrees to pay a 20% commission to Kota Buku for the sale of the Product through the said e-commerce platform, which is calculated from the total final sale price after deducting any discount if any.

Information About Products (Stock Keeping Unit-SKU)
Publishers need to fill in the 'What Are You Selling' form by stating all the information requested such as information about the physical nature of the product, the number of SKUs ("Stock Keeping Units") and the selling price of the Product for Kota Buku to upload the Product data with pictures taken to selected e-commerce platform database. Kota Buku will contact the Publisher from time to time to update the number of existing product SKUs.

Title and Year of Publication
The number of titles uploaded to the marketplace platform is unlimited and the year of publication is no more than 10 years from the current year.

Selling Price and Shipping Cost
The selling price of the product will be displayed in the database of the selected e-commerce platform, will not include shipping charges unless the Publisher wishes to bear such shipping charges. Otherwise, shipping charges will be charged to the buyer as specified on the selected e-commerce platform.

Order Management, Stock Storage and Product Delivery
The SKU for each product must be stored at the Publisher's premises unless Kota Buku agrees that the Publisher's products will be stored at Kota Buku's premises. Order management will begin when Kota Buku receives the order and the sales price has been paid by the buyer, Kota Buku will send a 'consignment note' via email, WhatsApp application or any agreed channel to the Publisher and the Publisher needs to manage the products ordered for packed and ready to be sent to the buyer within 2 days via the respective delivery platform.

Commissions and Payments
The final sale price paid by the buyer will be credited to Kota Buku's account and the sales proceeds will be credited (after deducting the commission charged by Kota Buku) to the Publisher's account 14 days after the end of the campaign and also after confirmation is made that the buyer has received the product purchased according to specifications specified in the selected e-commerce platform.