Alak In The Hinterland

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Alak In The Hinterland is a fantasy adventure chapter book written for middle grade readers in the 8-12 years age group. It is the first book in Alak series.

The story is written in simple language with characters and setting that are close to the readers.

The story follows Alak, a boy in the same age group from Kuala Betis, Kelantan. The boy befriended a streak of harimau cubs after he was lost in the magical forest.

They went on a quest together to save the parents of the harimau cubs who were captured by poachers and loggers.

Meanwhile, a harimau kumbang was seeking to exact revenge after the loggers killed his family.

Along the way, readers were also introduced to the rich biodiversity of the forest. The plants and animals were presented with their actual names as they were known here.

The story exposes young readers to the global concern of deforestation and the conflict between human and the wild beasts.
Imprint: Arcane Literature & Kinderstories
ISBN: 978-629-96761-1-9
Book Language: English