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    Nur Fatiha binti Yazed

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    An author from Kuala Kangsar,Perak and a single mother with 3 children, two of them with autism ADHD spectrum. Started write/ publishing own books after the lost of my late husband. My second book CATATAN HARI -HARI SEORANG BALU is a story written based on the true story about a life a widow raising disabled children in a state of deprivation and poverty. while another book titled Rombongan Ke Marikh! is a short novel in the genre of satirical comedy. My two latest books titled LAGENDA RATU DIMENSI MISTERI with fantasy epic genre, produced in two combo volumes, Volume 1(The Beginning), Volume 2 (Tracking the Ancient Golden Valley). This bound book also includes stories and legends of the nation and a supernatural league.

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Diary Of A Widow

RM 36.00
expedition to Mars!

RM 25.00
Legend of the Mysterious Dimension Queen Volume 2 (trace the valley of ancient gold)

RM 35.00
Legend of the Mysterious Dimension Queen Volume 1 (The Beginning)

RM 35.00